Horse Fence

Are you looking for someone to install equine fencing at your horse farm? Whether a small paddock for one horse or miles of horse fencing for your equine facility, whether wood or vinyl, whether high-tensile or woven wire, whether black, white, natural or other color, get your FREE quote from AK Fencing. AK Fencing serves the horse farms of PA, NJ, MD, and DE with top quality horse fence installation, on-time and within-budget. We hope to exceed your expectations!

All Types of Horse Fence

  • Wooden split-rail fence
  • Vinyl split-rail fence (similar to PVC)
  • Wooden board fence
  • Vinyl board fence
  • High-tensile smooth-wire fence
  • Woven-wire fence
  • No-climb wire fence (v-mesh)
  • Electric fence
  • Pipe fence

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