Wagsworth Manor

In late 2001, Brad and DeeDee Francis bought a neglected dog boarding business, intending to build it back up. By 2004, they had established Great Valley Pet Hotel in Frazer PA, now a well-known destination for dog sitting and boarding.

Now that they had a well-established reputation, Brad and DeeDee starting looking to expand their dreams. They purchased a property in Phoenixville, and began planning. Besides the 24,000 square foot facility including an in-ground pool and technology such as large flat screen TVs and webcams, the plans included a six-acre outdoor space for the dogs to run and play in.

We had installed the fencing at their old location, so when the Francis’ started looking for fencing contractors we were one of their first choices. They asked for a six-foot five-board privacy fence with vinyl coated wire mesh – tall enough to keep the dogs in, and sturdy enough to withstand an energetic bruising.

Brad and DeeDee weren’t certain of the exact fence design, but needed to get started right away. We proposed an hour-rate arrangement, which would allow them to design the layout, as the work continued.

As the project progressed, they added several pens and turn-out areas – even utilizing artificial turf, using the fence as a frame. The project quickly morphed into a multi-stage process, working alongside builders, landscapers, and other contractors.

The arrangement was a great plan, and the work was completed on-time and within-budget. In the years that followed, Brad contacted AK Fencing several more times, for additional work as their business flourished.