Tanglewood Golf Course

The owners of Tanglewood Golf Course, located in Quarryville PA, recently set about to do some renovations. Part of their plan included a new ground-mounted solar electric system. Of course they also needed to fence around the array, to keep curious golfers from wandering around the solar panels and wires. Tanglewood contacted AK Fencing to do the fence job – and even part of the solar array installation!

Before Sunlion Energy (from Lancaster PA) could install the solar panels, they needed something to mount them on. AK Fencing used their expertise to install posts, and set them in concrete. Sunlion Energy got right to work, installing and wiring the panels.

The owners of Tanglewood Golf Course had a few concerns about the fence. They wanted to conceal the somewhat unsightly mounting hardware, and undersides of the solar panels, while protecting their rnewly0oinstalled system from stray golf balls. The ideal solution was an eight-foot chain link fence, with green vinyl privacy slats.

After Sunlion was finished installing the solar panels, we came back and started installing the perimeter fence. The end result was a security fence that would deflect a well-driven golf ball – all while disguising the unsightly undersides of the panels.