Dan Mink

When Dan and Danielle Mink from West Chester PA bought their cul-de-sac home, they knew the steep driveway would present problems with ice and snow. But, when their five year old daughter rode her bicycle down the hill and broke her collarbone, they realized that they needed to find a solution.

A friend recommended AK Fencing, so Dan gave us a call. We came out and measured the location, and presented our recommendation. A black vinyl-coated wire mesh fence seemed the ideal solution to contain the Mink’s dogs, and an automatic gate would be the perfect addition.
The automatic gate operated on a free-access system – whenever the underground sensors detected a car entering or exiting the driveway, the gates would automatically open. The sensors were tuned to only activate for vehicles – a bicycle would not open the gate. In addition to the automatic opening system, there was a remote option, with a battery backup, to ensure the gate could always be opened.

After making some minor adjustments, the gate opened and closed flawlessly. The end result was an automatic system that brought security and peace of mind to Dan and Danielle, knowing that their children were safe on the top of the hill.

Gate openers and access control system can be customized almost endlessly. Free-access, keypads, remote controls, cell phone access, battery backups, solar power – the possibilities are immense. We can talk to you, and design a system that fits your needs.