Brad Gudmondson

Brad Gudmondson first heard of AK Fencing when he saw some of our work. He was impressed, but didn’t need any fence at the time. In the summer of 2012, his neighbors trimmed some pine trees along the property line, resulting in a very open backyard for Brad.

Brad looked us up, and gave us a call. He needed a privacy fence, but a typical vinyl privacy fence was not quite what he envisioned. After meeting with Reuben and discussion his options, he decided that he really liked a Western Red Cedar designer privacy fence that he saw in one of our catalogs. He drove down to Oxford to check out a job we had done earlier with that fence, and was very impressed. He wanted a fence with more detail and character, and this style seemed perfect. It would be a great accent to the backyard, while still providing privacy.

After some collaboration, an installation date was agreed on. That day Abram, Rodrigo and Ammon arrived and began demolition of the old fence, loading it onto a trailer for removal. By evening, the new posts were set, and some of the horizontal boards were attached. The following day, the remaining boards were attached, and the fence was finished out with trim pieces, post caps and pickets.

Brad was very pleased. He had a relaxing backyard again, with a beautiful accent fence.